If you’re new to the phone dating community you may wonder what to speak about if you can’t think of anything or you may be a little nervous to jump into a phone conversation with a stranger. While speaking on the telephone with a new person, you can converse about anything you want. That’s one of the beauties of phone dating; you are always in total control.

You may want to talk about what you did last weekend or where you hope to be in 5 years or you may want to let your phone friend speak to you about their life experiences. No matter what you decide to speak about over the chat lines, an open dialogue is welcomed. It’s okay to be nervous and shy. This blog will offer some tips and recommendations on how to keep the conversation flowing with a new phone friend or lover.

One way to keep the conversation flowing is to ask open ended questions to your phone friend. By doing so you keep the conversation in full forward mode because the person you’re speaking with will reveal things about their life and you will learn more things about him. You can also get the attention off of yourself and use active listening skills to truly hear what he has to communicate.

Another way to keep the conversation flowing is to reveal interesting stories and experiences about your life to your phone pal. This will likely keep your phone friend interested and be sure to allow for time so that your phone friend can respond.
The chat lines are always open so you can dial into the chat line number and speak to someone new whenever it works best for you. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and sometimes just trying it out a few times will help you understand what to do to keep the flow with others on the telephone.