When you meet guys on a local mobile chat, you might wonder what to expect when you meet up with them in person. You might think that you need to do some manscaping before you have an in-person hookup and that’s not the most uncommon thing to think about. Some guys do like to take care of the hair down their or even on their bodies. They may shave or wax in order to do this. Should you do it? Well, the true answer is that it is fully up to you. But if you want to do it, you should know a few things:

1. Waxing hurts! But it lasts a while. If you’re an extremely hairy guy, waxing your chest or legs may seem like a positive and time-saving idea, but it can hurt a lot. There are some less painful types of similar hair removal like sugaring, but you should go to a salon and have them do it. However, pain is gain because waxing lasts for a long time depending on how fast your hair grows.

2. Shaving is Hard. Shaving is easier in that you can do it at home. If you just want to trim your balls or shave your pits, shaving might be your best option. However, if you want to reach difficult places like your back, you will probably want to go with waxing instead. Keep in mind that with shaving you will need to do it quite frequently to avoid stubble in an erotic experience.

3. A combination can work well. Some guys like to get waxed every so often, but shave in between to keep costs and time commitment low. Other guys only shave their balls and then get waxed every so often. Any combination of hair removal can get you perfect and ready to feel sexy on a mobile chat line for gays!