I know it may be hard to believe but when I first started phone dating I was a skeptic too. I thought I would try it out for some bootie calls while my main bootie call was out of the country and I must admit I did have a lot of unique phone sex. From 4-ways to kink, people on the chat lines are into everything you can imagine.

I never thought I would get serious with a guy on the chat lines but then I met George. In the beginning we were casual phone sex buddies but after some time we started to speak more to one another. We found out that we went to the same high school and had many mutual friends. We found out that we liked a lot of the same restaurants in our city and also that we have similar morals and ideas about the world at large. So, he asked me to meet him in person and that first meet up was really fun and sexy. It was supposed to be a casual hour date but turned into a three-day date! It was the longest date I have ever had. Things progressed from there and we ended up seeing one another for a year on and off and then after some more time we became committed.
Now George is my husband and life partner. I have to say I love phone dating and recommend everyone I know to try it at least once. It’s easy to connect to other people and learn more about yourself and others. People are super down to earth, creative, and open about new things. You can have a lot of fun and explore your particular kinds of kink as well. Give in a solid go to see if it’s right for you because you never know who you may meet!